Arcana-those that go into the studies of Arcane become infused with raw magic, called Arcane. (Available to the Magnus class)

Pyros-for those that love to burn or blast items (or enemies) with magic, this school focuses on the destructive power of Fire magic. (Available to the Magnus class)

Tundra-there are some spellcasters who love to turn their enemies to solid ice, or to slow them down, this school give the spellcaster the power of Ice magic. (Available to the Magnus class).

Voltros-some spellcasters love the sheer power of electricity; thus, this school, which gives the power of Static spells, makes a spellcaster quick and deadly. (Available to the Magnus and Druid classes).

Diviation-there are those who view the blesses of the Gods as a sacred gift, as those who focus into this school recieve the power of Holy spells. (Available to the Bishop class).

Necromocy-some believe that the only power available are from the energies of fallen demons. While these spellcasters are not truely evil, the power of Evil spells can make a spellcaster sinister in nature. (Available to the Bishop and Warlock classes).

Mental-there are those that favor the strength of the mind itself instead of magic. Thus, this mind-effecting school grants the power of Psychic spells to their users. (Available to the Monk, Bishop, and Magnus classes).

Terronika-some say that the true magic lies in nature itself (whether from the aura of plants and animals or from the depths of the forests or mountains). Thus, this school grants the power of Nature spells to its tutors. (Available to the Druid class).